Fall Wreath

I love when the leaves fall on the ground and crunch under my feet! So let’s celebrate, I made a simple wreath to hang on my door this week.


1 bag of fabric leaves
1 Styrofoam wreath
1 glue gun
Foam berries and fabric flowers for embellishment (optional)

photo 1

1. Heat up your glue gun, take leaves out of their plastic package

2. Start by arranging different sized leaves in a patch, make sure that you mix leaf colors!

photo 2
3. Gradually work your way around the wreath until only the backside of the Styrofoam can be seen

photo 3
4. Decide what accent you want to use, I decided to use a sunflower and foam berries. But it is entirely up to you!

5. Once done gluing accent piece, hang it for the world to see. It’s as simple as that!

Happy November


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